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About Us

The Newsbite is a free online source of news for individuals looking for a simple browse of The Day's Top Stories. Newsbite also publishes Daily Podcasts for listening and News Bulletins for On-line Internet Radio Stations.

We provide stories using various sources around the web & through our Teams hard work and research into particular topics.

If you would like to find out more of the direction of The Newsbite or would like to provide us with any suggestions then please feel free to send us an email via

Furthermore if you are interested in receiving daily News bulletins from us then again, just get in touch & we will be happy to go over what topics you are after & the format you want. Be it a Top of The Hour Bulletin or extended News Programme.

We are also actively looking for Volunteers to report on various stories within our Categories. For more information email us via with Volunteer in the subject line.

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